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Tile Topped Outdoor Table

Outdoor tableIf you love lounging on your deck and need a solid side table to hold your cool drink and snacks, here’s the solution. We designed this stylish side table to be simple to build. It’s made of white oak and finished with an outdoor stain, so it’s sure to handle the weather. The ceramic-tile top provides a durable maintenance-free accent.
Outdoor table

Before you Start
Buy your ceramic tile before you build this table, because the actual size of tiles can vary. We purchased a single 12-in.-square x 1/4-in.-thick ceramic tile at our local home center. The actual size was closer to 11-7/8-in. square. The tile is undersize to allow a grout joint in normal applications, but the amount can vary. We used white oak for its natural resistance to rot (see Sources, below). Other wood, such as mahogany, teak, cedar or ipe, will also withstand the elements.

Taper the Legs
Start by sawing the 8/4 lumber for the legs (A) 1/8-in. oversize (Photo 1). Then joint, plane and cut to the final size (see Cutting List, below).
Next, mark an X at the top of two adjacent sides on each leg. These two marked sides will be tapered. Use these Xs to help you keep track of the tapers. The tapers are subtle and it’s possible to confuse them with the untapered outer sides (see Oops! page 64). Also, the legs are untapered where they join the aprons (B, Fig. A, below).
Mark lines for the tapers on each leg and saw the taper on the bandsaw (Photo 2). Stay about 1/16 in. away from your pencil line. After the first taper is cut, reattach scrap with masking tape and cut the second taper. Remove the bandsaw marks with a pass or two over your jointer (Photo 3).

Photo 1: Rip thick lumber for the legs to rough size on the tablesaw. Always use a pushstick when cutting narrow boards. Joint, plane and crosscut the legs to final size.

Photo 2: Bandsaw two tapers on adjacent sides of each leg. Saw each taper about 1/16 in. oversize. The tapers are subtle, so mark an X at the top of each one to help you keep track of which surface is tapered.

Photo 3: Smooth the tapered sides with your jointer. A freehand bandsaw cut can be fairly uneven, so smoothing might take two passes. Feed the legs top-end first. Use a push block and stick to guide the leg.

Outdoor tableOutdoor tableOutdoor table

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