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Tile Topped Outdoor Table


Cutting the Double Biscuit Slots
Using spacers makes easy and accurate work out of cutting the double biscuit slots in the legs. This setup works with any biscuit joiner and the only measuring you need to do is to locate the center of the slot down from the top of the legs (Fig. A). Make sure to cut the biscuit slots in the legs with the adjacent taper down (Photos 4 and 5).

·Photo 4: Cut a pair of biscuit slots in the legs. To center the apron on the leg, use a 1/4-in. spacer for the first slot. To avoid a costly mistake, always clamp each leg with a tapered side down. Only cut the slots in faces marked with an X.

Photo 5: Cut the second biscuit slot in the legs. Add a 3/8-in. spacer on top of the 1/4-in. spacer. Spacers are far easier to use than fiddling with the biscuit joiner’s fence when you’re making these double slots.

Photo 6: Cut biscuit slots in the aprons’ ends. Clamp the apron face-side down. That’s the side that has a decorative groove cut into it. This time, cut the first slot without the 1/4-in. spacer.

Photo 7: Cut a second biscuit slot with the 3/8-in. spacer under the plate joiner. This is a foolproof system for making the slots in the legs and aprons exactly the same distance apart.

Outdoor tableOutdoor tableOutdoor table

Assemble the Base
First make two leg assemblies by gluing two legs and one apron together, then the other two legs and an apron (Photo 8). Make sure the decorative groove on the apron is facing out. Use an exterior glue for this project (see Sources, page 64). After the glue has dried, complete the table base by adding the other two aprons (Photo 9).

Photo 8: Assemble the table base in stages. Glue together two legs and one apron using exterior glue. Make sure both legs lie flat on your bench. Repeat this step with the other pair of legs and apron.

Photo 9: Assemble the entire table base. Work on a level surface, such as the top of your tablesaw. This will ensure the finished table won’t wobble. Working upside down also prevents excess glue from dribbling down the legs.

Outdoor tableOutdoor table

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