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19.01.2011 10:36

Magazine Rack

Magazine RackA friend of mine recently asked me to make a mission style magazine rack as a special gift for her husband. So off to my computer I went and designed this piece.

At first glance the project looks simple, but the wedged through tenons present a challenge. Getting them to fit perfectly requires patience, careful machine setups, and a bit of fine-tuning with a chisel. Keep in mind that a small project like this really benefits from meticulous attention to detail. I like to say it's a weekend project that will take two weekends to build. Here's how it's made:

Magazine Rack - wood plan1. Cut the slats (C) and rails (B). Lay out the slat mortises and the through mortises for the wedges on the rails (Fig.B).
2. Chop the angled mortises for the tenon wedges in the rails (Photo 1).
3. Switch to a 1/2-in. chisel. Cut a sample mortise the same size as the ones that will be cut in the sides (Fig. B). Use the sample mortise to size the rail tenons.
Magazine Rack4. Cut the through tenons on the rails (Photo 2).
5. Use the mortising machine to chop the slat mortises in the rails.
6. Cut the slat tenons. Note that the backs of the slats align flush with the backs of the rails. This ensures that magazines won't catch on the lower rail.
7. Sand the slats and rails, then dry fit them together.

Photo 1: Cut the angled mortises at the ends of each rail using a tapered support block (see Fig. B) to hold the rail at the correct angle.

Photo 2: Cut the rail tenons. A tenoning jig makes the job a lot easier. Use a sample mortise as a guide for sizing the tenons.


Magazine Rack - Photo 18. Cut the sides (A) but leave them 1/16-in. oversize in thickness. This allows you to clean up any blow-out from chopping the through mortises.
9. Cut the angled top on a miter saw. Cut the long taper on the front edge on the bandsaw.
10. Use the assembled front grill to locate the through mortises on the sides (Photo 3).
11. Chop the side mortises. To insure a tight fit on the tenon, keep the mortise a bit short. It’s easy to pare down the tenon to fit. If the mortise is cut even a hair too long, you’re sunk.
Magazine Rack - Photo 212. Plane the sides to their finished thickness removing any blowout from cutting the mortises.
13. Rout the keyhole hanger grooves on the back edge of the sides (Photo 4).

Photo 3: Use the assembled front grill to precisely locate the through mortises in the sides. You want these tenon locations to be dead-on, so put a sharp chisel point on your pencil.

Photo 4: Cut the mortises for the keyhole hangers using a 5/8-in. straight bit. Set a start and a stop blocks on the fence to gauge the mortise length.

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